Which office at USC can assist with your international visitor?

FSVS deals exclusively with professional work visas, but we are not the whole story!

This table can help you identify which office to contact: »  USC Work Visa Resources

  • A-1 Foreign Diplomatic Personnel:  Contact FSVS »  fsvs@usc.edu
  • B-1 Business Travelers:  See the information below.
  • F-1 International Students:  USC Office of International Services » OIS
  • G-1 International Organization Representatives:   Contact FSVS »  fsvs@usc.edu
  • I, Representatives of Foreign Information Media:   Contact FSVS »  fsvs@usc.edu
  • J-1 Exchange Scholars:  USC Office of International Services » OIS
  • O-1 Performers/Athletes:   Contact FSVS »  fsvs@usc.edu
  • P-1 Artists, Entertainers/Groups, Athletes:  Contact FSVS »  fsvs@usc.edu
  • WB business travelers with a visa waiver:  See the information below.

Important information about using B-1 and WB for international speakers:

A substantial number of people from around the globe are invited every year to participate in events at USC.  Many are offered reimbursement of travel expenses and/or an honorarium of some kind.  In order to disburse payment to such speakers, here are some useful guidelines:

  • The person entered the USA using either the B-1/BT Business visa classification, or the WT/WB visa “Business” waiver classification commonly known as ESTA.
  • The event lasts 9 days or less.
  • The event is a “usual academic activity” for USC.
  • The person has not accepted payments from more than 5 institutions in the US in the 6 months previous to the event at USC.
  • Payment from USC is strictly an honorarium, or reimbursement for travel and incidental expenses.

If your international visitor has difficulty entering the USA, please immediately contact the FSVS Director »  elias@usc.edu

For more information on B-1 Business Visitors » USCIS information