USC wants to hire me, but I need a work visa.  How does the process start?

USC sponsors several categories of work visas. FSVS focuses exclusively on employer-sponsored H-1B, O-1, TN, and E-3 Australian processing, as well as certain types of visas for artists and performers who may have engagements at USC.

Learn more about work visa resources at USC Here (PDF)

Learn more about the types of professional work visas FSVS handles:

H-1B »

TN »

O-1 »

E-3 »

Who sets the strategy for my case?

The offices at USC that handle these matters have extensive expertise in both the Federal regulations and USC policies that together determine how your case will be handled by the university.  In rare situations that require legal expertise, FSVS will work with our attorneys to develop the best solution for you and your department.

What factors does FSVS look at to determine my eligibility?

We look at several factors:

  • The type of job you are being offered
  • Any limitations to the appointment
  • Your education and professional background
  • The needs of your hiring department
  • Your immigration history