How do I extend my work visa status?

You should get courtesy reminders from FSVS, Glacier, and your department HR administrator starting 6 months prior to your expiration.  However, you are responsible for working with your department to make sure a request is initiated with FSVS at or before the 6 month mark.

Why do I have to start so early?

While we can’t typically file before the 6 month mark for an extension, a full six months lead time can be necessary to plan around any upcoming travel, upcoming changes by the government, and respond to government requests that might arise during processing.

More information >> Timing a work visa request.

Who pays for the process?

The hiring department will pay all government filing fees associated with obtaining your work visa status.  However, fees and costs associated with obtaining a visa stamp (where necessary) at a U.S. Consulate abroad are your responsibility.  Similarly, the fees and costs associated with obtaining dependent status for any accompanying family members  will also be your responsibility.