How do I maintain my work visa status?

Most work visas operate on the principle that you are employed as described in the request the employer sent to the government.  If there are changes to that employment, or you leave the employment without making provisions, you can find yourself out of status. Call or email us for a consultation to discuss your options.

If I move my place of residence in the USA, does the government require me to do anything?

Yes, you must file Form AR-11 with the USCIS within 10 days to let them know you have changed residences.

Please find the form and instructions here>>  Form AR-11

If my job changes, or I change departments at USC, What should I do?

Depending on the situation, the university may need to file a new petition on your behalf before you can take up the new job.

  • If your department is contemplating changes to your employment, please have them contact FSVS.
  • If you are changing departments at USC, please have the new department contact FSVS to file a petition before starting you in the new position.

Do I need to do anything if I am leaving USC employment?

Both you and your department should notify FSVS in writing as soon as you have a departure date.  If your departure is due to termination by USC, please contact us immediately.

What if another employer wants to hire and pay me in addition to my USC job?

The other employer may need to file a new petition for you, depending on the visa type and specifics of the employment.