How far in advance must the request be submitted?

To be sure that FSVS can obtain the needed status in time for the desired start date, we advise departments to submit their request to us a full 6 months in advance of the needed start date.  Any later and there is an increasing risk that the requested start date cannot be accommodated.  

How does the process start?

Typically, the process starts with an initial intake to gather your information and basic required documentation and materials from you and your department. FSVS may request additional materials for your case.

NOTE:  Only once all information and materials are complete can FSVS start the processing clock.

Who pays for the process?

Your hiring department will pay all government filing fees, including Premium Processing where it can be applied.

Can’t I just hire my own lawyer to take care of everything?

FSVS is the only entity authorized to prepare and submit petitions and applications on the university’s behalf.  You can, however, hire your own attorney to advise you personally.

When can I go on USC Payroll?

It depends on the specifics of your case.  An estimated timeline will be communicated to you and your department once the request materials are complete and processing begins.