My department wants to hire a foreign national, but the person needs a work visa. How do I know what type, and what office to go to for help?

FSVS focuses exclusively on employer-sponsored professional work visas, as well as certain types of visas for artists and performers who may have engagements at USC.  Beyond the categories we focus on, there are other types of visas used for the variety of international visitors who come to work, perform, or do research at USC.  Often the type of visa needed is determined by the type of visit, and other factors.

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Who sets the strategy?

The offices at USC that handle these matters have extensive expertise in both the Federal regulations and the USC policies that together determine how a case will be handled by the University. In rare situations that require legal expertise, FSVS will work with our attorneys to develop the best solution for the department and the individual.

How does FSVS determine eligibility?

We look at several factors to be sure that the strategy mapped out will best suit the needs of the hiring department, the person, and USC:

  • The type of job being offered, and the duties of the specific job
  • Any limitations to the appointment
  • The needs of the hiring department
  • The individual’s education and professional background
  • The individual’s immigration history and travel plans

How does my department pay foreign nationals with work visas and non-resident alien (NRA) visitors?

In order to pay foreign nationals of all types, paperwork must be submitted to USC Payroll.  In some cases this will be a full I-9 procedure, but in others it may require submission of specific documents.

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To review information about NRA visitors, see USC Payroll’s FAQ here »