What are the hiring unit’s responsibilities?

All of the matters we handle are employment-based, which means that the hiring department is responsible for compliance at the department level.  The department Chair and the administrator(s) appointed to handle immigration matters are responsible for ensuring that they can carry out these responsibilities.  Regardless of the type of nonimmigrant work visa case, the department must:

  • Contact FSVS immediately when a foreign national (FN) emerges as a top choice in the applicant pool;
  • Appoint one central administrator (preferably at the Home Department Coordinator level or above) to liaise with FSVS on faculty and staff immigration matters;
  • Work with the FN to gather all information and materials required for processing;
  • Pay all required government fees, including Premium Processing;
  • Submit a properly completed request to FSVS in a timely fashion, as far in advance of the start date as possible (6 months strongly recommended);
  • Comply with, and respond timely to, all FSVS communications and requests throughout processing;
  • Ensure the FN is employed as represented within the petition submitted to the USCIS;
  • Contact FSVS immediately if any changes to FN employment are contemplated;
  • Contact FSVS immediately if the FN is being terminated or if he/she resigns;
  • Ensure the underlying work visa status for the FN is extended until the person either departs USC or has a green card in hand. Merely starting the green card process does not mean that the nonimmigrant status can be allowed to lapse;
  • Alert FSVS immediately if a USCIS Fraud Detection Officer visits the FN or the department; and,
  • Read FSVS newsletters for updated immigration and policy information that may affect their FN population.