Permanent Residence

What is USC’s Permanent Residence Sponsorship Policy?

USC will sponsor international faculty and staff for permanent residence (a “green card”), where their employment qualifies and where the department will support the process.

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How does permanent residence processing begin?

Permanent residence is a complex, multi-step process that often takes longer than a year to complete.

Because of the complexity and length of time it takes, and the number of people involved  in the process, we start with a consultation meeting.  The meeting includes the foreign national, the FSVS Director, the authorized department liaison, and any other interested parties that may be appropriate for that case.  In the consultation, qualifying factors, processing routines, strategy, and fees are discussed.  The consultation lasts approximately 1 hour.

We strongly recommend that consultations be held for new faculty as soon as they arrive, and for staff as soon as they qualify per the policy.

The department administrator can contact FSVS at (213) 740-5257 to book an appointment.

How is permanent residence processing strategy set?

FSVS has the subject matter expertise, in-house and through our own attorneys, to strategize the best solution for the person and their department.

What about costs?

The department and the university handle costs through the I-140 stage (which can include the costs of testing the labor market, government fees, attorney fees and more).  The individual is responsible for costs associated with the I-485 “green card” application.  Costs and fees will be discussed in detail in the consultation.

Can the individual hire an attorney to take care of everything?

Please note that outside attorneys are not authorized to prepare immigration applications or petitions that require USC sponsorship. Additionally, signatures at the department and school level on these types of petitions/applications are not authorized.

However, individuals may decide to pursue a self-sponsored permanent residence case independently of the university’s assistance.  FSVS is happy to provide information on working with U.S. immigration attorneys.

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