Department Administrators

Employment-based immigration, whether it involves a work visa or a green card, requires that the employer submits a request to the government on behalf of the employee.  This means that the hiring department at USC is necessarily highly involved in the process.  As the administrator appointed by your department to liaise with FSVS, we are here to support you in this demanding role.

What does Faculty/Staff Visa Services do?

FSVS is the office at USC authorized to handle work-related immigration matters on behalf of the university and its faculty and staff. We are a small team of four, serving the entire institution. When your department wants to hire a foreign national (FN), we are the team who will process the paperwork, correspond with the government agencies, and obtain approval. We advise individuals, departments, schools, and administration on best practices in this area.

When does FSVS come into the hiring process?

We recommend that the department contact us as soon as a foreign national emerges as a top candidate for a position.  The more time we have to strategize and process, the smoother everything will go.


We hold in-person workshops several times a year. Additionally, if your department or school wishes, we are happy to hold a session just for you.